PURSUIT Pro Carrier - Heathered Grey

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Designed to get you back to the lifestyle you love, our LÍLLÉbaby PURSUIT Pro Carrier offers a comfortable way to show your little one the world. With soft-knit fabrics, customisable comfort and seven convenient storage pockets, nothing will hold you back from conquering your next adventure together!


Is the PURSUIT Pro water resistant?

The PURSUIT Pro is not water resistant, but the outer material is similar to athleisure wear (like yoga pants or active leggings). It is lined with soft, flexible mesh, which prevents overheating and enhances breathability, even if the carrier gets wet or sweaty.


Is the PURSUIT Collection UPF rated?

The outer/shell fabrics on both the PURSUIT All Seasons and the PURSUIT Pro have a UPF 50+ rating which provides excellent protection against harmful UV rays from the sun.


What is the difference between the material on the Pursuit PRO and the Pursuit All Seasons?

Both the PURSUIT All Seasons and the PURSUIT Pro are made of fabrics designed to be ideal for active lifestyles. The PURSUIT All Seasons features a durable, yet lightweight, cool shell exterior. It’s kind of like your favourite light jacket turned into a carrier. The outer fabric of PURSUIT Pro is a material similar to athleisure wear and is smooth and flexible. It's more like a good pair of yoga pants or leggings.

Both are lined with our new, smooth bird's-eye mesh that enhances breathability.


Does the PURSUIT Collection have a sleeping hood?

As we were designing the PURSUIT series, we decided to prioritize high functionality and storage for longer adventures. We traded a sleeping hood for more pockets to store everything you need for your active lifestyle! We highly recommend using a UV-resistant hat or umbrella to keep baby protected and cool along the way.

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