Instructional Videos

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Front Inward Facing - Carry Narrow Seat

Learn how to safely front carry your child facing inwards in your LILLEbaby COMPLETE or LILLEbaby Pursuit Carrier. This can be used for newborns to 12 months.


Front Inward Facing- Infant Carry

Learn how to use your LILLEbaby COMPLETE or LILLEbaby Pursuit baby carrier in the front inward facing fetal position. This is used for newborn babies up to 2 months of age.

 Crossing the Straps:

 Learn to cross the straps on your LILLEbaby COMPLETE or LILLEbaby Pursuit carrier during any front carry. This can provide a more comfortable fit for petite parents.

Front - Face Forward

By six months, baby has doubled in weight, is strong and ready to learn. She/he turns towards sound, lights and also has the ability to turn away or "tune out".


Front - Face In Wide Seat

Ideal when baby is ready to sit with legs around parents waist. Age for starting varies greatly depending on baby's size and wearer's size.


Hip Carry

This position allows baby's weight to rest on your strong hip, with less pressure on your lower back.

Back - Carry Position

Our unique solution allows you to place baby on your back without assistance through an easy rotation technique: should straps remain in a closed loop during the process. 


Adjust to Wide Seat

Easily adjust the seat to a wide setting for the Fetal, Toddler, Hip and Back carrying positions.


Adjust to Narrow Seat

Easily adjust the seat to a narrow setting for the Infant Face In and Forward Facing positions.

Lumbar Support

Learn how to use the Lumbar Support when carrying baby on your front.